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Aug 2, 2019

Is it possible to totally heal ourselves of our trauma?

There isn’t’ really an answer to that. What we do know (whether we’ve learned it from an expert or whether we’ve experienced it ourselves) is that our bodies house and hold the impact of our trauma, long after the actual incident has passed. So how do we heal that? Can we?


My guest Asher Pandjiris is a NYC based psychotherapist, doesn’t presume to have the answer to that question, but certainly has a wealth of wisdom and insight to share on the topic. Listen is as we discuss the messy offerings that our bodies bring us, most especially as it relates to trauma, illness, presence, and embodiment.

 Pluto shows up in the conversation along with a handful of astrological teachings to lend knowledge on the subject.

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Things we mentioned:

The World is Unknown, Carolyn Lizzard

Tara Brach

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