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Jun 5, 2019

Raven Rose acts as a guide between the body and the soul.

She teaches women how to heal the womb from the wounding and heavy energies we’ve taken on in this lifetime. We're talking about the traumas that have actually been passed down through our DNA through the female line.

So much of our personal health is connected to the experiences of our mothers, their mothers, and all of the grandmothers that came before us. It takes sensitivity, spiritual connection, community and ritual to unravel what is ours, and what is theirs, but we can enlist their help. In fact, doing so can be a necessary and empowering step toward awakening to who we are.

This episode is not just for people that have a uterus by the way, understanding our ancestral trauma and remedying ourselves of the pain passed down through our family line is relevant to every human, regardless of how we identify.

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