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May 7, 2019

Are you happy? Do you know what makes you happy?

My guest Ellen Atkins was busy living her life (and it was a good life), when she began to question it. She came to understand that while she had achieved success, she didn't know what actually made her come alive, or what truly brought her happiness. 

Fast forward, and she's made it her mission to discover the very things that light up her heart. This is no small order of course, but in seeking out that which makes her love and laugh, she's cultivated incredible wisdom about it all, and is helping others find the same for themselves.

We also talk about Saturn, the Moon, Sagittarius and more in this delightful episode!

Things we mentioned:

Kundalini Yoga

Satcha Malas

Guru Jarat

Immense Grace

Find Ellen:

Suburban Monk


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